#1 LAND OF GROWTH, WATERS OF CHANGE: 170 Years of History: AuSable & Oscoda, Michigan January 1995. (AuS-O HistSoc.) Written, Mary Jane Hennigar; produced, ADCOM Productions. Thirty minute VHS video; 190 rare photos of the twin towns: Indians, fishing, lumbering, devastating fire of 1911, Wurtsmith Air Force Base, etc.
     Price $10.00  S&H $4.00
 #2 1880 Bird's-Eye View "Map" of AuSable & Oscoda, Michigan: 22" x 28" view of the twin towns, reprinted in 1980. Fine line drawing with legend keyed to numbers identifying mills, schools, public buildings, etc. Frameable.
     Price $5.50  S&H $4.00
 #3 1904 Plat Maps, copied from 1903 Plat Book of Iosco County Michigan; The Consolidated Publishing Co., Minneapolis, Minn. (laminated, while supplies last)
  AuSable/Oscoda/Packtown; 21" x 34"  Price $20.00  S&H $4.00
  East Tawas; 18½" x 23½"  Price $20.00  S&H $4.00
  Tawas City; 23" x 23½"  Price $20.00  S&H $4.00
  Huron Shore, South end Cedar Lake to just short of AuSable Point; 11" x 24½"  Price $20.00  S&H $4.00
 #4 1875 MURDER IN AuSABLE, the Sorry Life & Times of Henry B. Farrington, January 1999 (AuS-O HistSoc.) Local axe murder, explosive murder trail, daring jail escapes, counterfeiting. Read actual testimonies and news accounts of a century and a quarter ago. illus, index, 161 page, 8½" x 11" soft cover
     Price $15.00  S&H $4.00
 #5 AuSABLE RIVER QUEENS, the Howard Brubaker Story: 1993 (AuS-O HistSoc.) Howard "Skip" Brubaker recounts his adventures in making the dream of paddle wheel boats on the AuSable River a reality. 34 pages, illus, soft cover
     Price $6.00  S&H $4.00
 #6 FORTY YEARS A COOKIN' by John Baptiste Soucie, ©1996, by Vera Soucie Olver and Marie Soucie Gormley. Autobiography/biography of John Baptiste Soucie 1884-1960, from his days cooking in the lumber camps to his restaurants in Oscoda, MI. 2nd half of the story is written by his daughters. Includes several recipes. Published by Neva Stevens Harden. illus, soft cover, spiral bound, 68 pages
     Price $18.00  S&H $4.00
 #7 HISTORY OF THE LAKE HURON SHORE: 1883, Reprinted 1976, 1996. With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. HR Page & Co 1883. 318 pages, illus, 11" x 13½" hard cover
     Price $50.00  S&H $6.50
 #8 HOW A TERRIBLE TIMBER FELLER BECAME A LEGEND: ©1993, by D Laurence Rogers; history of early logging in Michigan and Paul Bunyan legend. Historical Press, Bay City MI., many illus, soft cover 192 pages
     Price $15.00  S&H $4.00
 #9 LORD, SEND A FISH, ©1982, by Dorothy Colbath. Early AuSable family of commercial fisherman. Late 1800s until death of the industry in the 1950s. hard cover, many old photos, 130 pages
     Price $20.00  S&H $4.00
 #10 OLD VAN ETTEN CREEK, a Prehistoric Village in Northeast Michigan, written & compiled by Dennis M Morrison; reprinted AuSable-Oscoda Historical Society; local amateur archaeology; small booklet, paper cover 15 pages
     Price $2.50  S&H $1.00
 #11 OSCODA-AuSABLE DEATH RECORDS 1867-1950: 1990. Abstracted from Iosco County & Oscoda Township records. Includes: name, date of death, age, occupation, cause of death, parents (if given). 110 pages, soft cover
     Price $12.50  S&H $4.00
 #12 THE OSCODA MURDERS, ©1985 by Jim Dunn. Humorous fictional detective story of "Nick Nails, Oscoda's only Private Eye." Cedar Lake Publishing, Oscoda MI. soft cover, 66 pages
     Price $4.95  S&H $2.00
 #13 PICK-UPS AND A HORSE, ©1975 by Williams Ellis. Author recounts his thirty years as a local lumberjack from early 1880's to the 1911 fire; very good description of lumbering industry; hard cover illus, 142 pages
     Price $15.00  S&H $4.00
 #14 PINECREST CEMETERY RECORDS: Oscoda Michigan 1868-1989. 1990. Headstone readings, plus ownership & burial records. 180 pages, soft cover, out of print
     Price $15.00  S&H $4.00
 #15 SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CEMETERY: Oscoda Michigan 1868-1990. Headstone readings & burial records. 59 pages Also includes AuSABLE TOWNSHIP CEMETERY: AuSable Michigan 1867-1928: Headstone readings of the few surviving headstones. 12 pages 1990 (71 pages total), soft cover
     Price $12.50  S&H $4.00
 #16 SHIPWRECKED BALTIMORE, ©1999, by Peter Place Ferris; story of the loss of the Baltimore off AuSable, MI in 1901. Well researched telling of a dramatic tale. Peter's Rabbit Press, Forest Park, IL, soft cover, some illus, 40 pages
     Price $10.00  S&H $4.00
 #17 SHIPWRECKS OFF OUR SHORES, AuSable & Oscoda Michigan, ©2001 AuSable-Oscoda Historical Society. Lists 40 some boats that came to grief of one kind or another between Greenbush & AuSable Point, MI, some many miles out in Lake Huron. soft cover, some illus, 68 pages
     Price $10.00  S&H $4.00
 #18 THERE'S A STICKY HARE ON MY PLATE! Food, Photos & Folklore; Dec 1999 (AuS-O HistSoc.) Old, local photos; over 100 recipes; advice excerpts from old cookbooks; & 4 short stories by Sandra Manning. illus, 74 pages, soft cover, spiral binding
     Price $9.50  S&H $4.00
 #19 THEY CALLED THE AREA HOME, Memories and stories of Early AuSable and Oscoda, Michigan: May 1994 (AuS-O HistSoc.) soft cover, 40 old photos, index of names, 107 pages,
     Price $12.00  S&H $4.00
 #20 TIMES TO REMEMBER, Memories and stories of Early AuSable and Oscoda, Michigan: June 1997 (AuS-O HistSoc.) Fire, shipwrecks, early Air Base, etc 40 old photos, index of names, 103 pages, soft cover
     Price $12.00  S&H $4.00
 #21 WORLD WAR TWO OSCODA & AuSABLE: 1987 by Jerry Wagner. Author's memories of WWII times in Oscoda-AuSable-Wurtsmith area. Published Iosco County Historical Assn. 65 pages, illus, 5½" x 8" soft cover
     Price $4.00  S&H $2.00
 #22 GREAT LAKES FUR TRADE COLORING BOOK, some French words; Minn. Hist Sac. Press; educational, illus by Chat Kozlak.
     Price $3.50  S&H $1.00
 #23 LUMBERJACKS & LOGGING COLOR BOOK, Minnesota Historical Society Press, educational, illus by Chat Kozlak.
     Price $3.50  S&H $1.00
 #24 OJIBWAY INDIANS COLOR BOOK, some Ojibay words; Minn. Hist Sac. Press; educational, illus by Chat Kozlak.
     Price $3.50  S&H $1.00
 #25 PAUL BUNYAN IN THE AuSABLE RIVER COUNTRY, story & pictures ©1999 by Patricia Sherman; local angle, 19 pages
     Price $3.50  S&H $1.00
 #26 PAUL BUNYAN STORYBOOK, ©1999, Landoll Inc, Ashland OH; hard cover, 21 pages
     Price $2.50  S&H $1.00

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